Challenge Rooms

We are the creators and sole owners of the Challenge Rooms game concept, a competition escape game combined with a strategy game, in which 2 opposing teams face each other to complete a given misson.

Two identical rooms, a specially designed common area and 90 minutes to solve a mystery. Plus bonus quests, sabotage cards, twists and turns and play money that must be earned in order to gain access to various clues.

This is the most interactive, dynamic and entertaining real life game for large groups!

Can you get away with murder?

You are a highly skilled hitman commisioned to assassinate billionaire William Eldridge. You manage to infiltrate a party thrown in his honor, hoping this will prove to be the perfect opportunity to accomplish your mission.
Your main goal is to procure a weapon, eliminate the target, dispose of the body properly and ultimately manage to get away, leaving no evidence that can be traced back to you.
You have 90 minutes, but so does your fiercest competitor.
Will you be able to complete your mission as well as dodge your opponent’s efforts to slow you down?

Duration: 90 minutes
Difficulty: medium

The Detectives

Two competing detective agencies have just undertook the case of their lifetime. A notorious billionaire and oil magnate has vanished without a trace and so far no one has been able to discover any leads.
Suspecting some foul play is involved, both agencies seek to untangle the mysteries surrounding this strange case and take the credits for the best, most efficient agency in the country.
Racing against each other, both teams seek to solve the case first.
How much energy will be put into the actual investigation and how much into sabotaging and impairing each other?

Duration: 90 minutes
Difficulty: easy