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The games listed below are tried & tested games, built in various locations around the world, including our own.

The selling package for this games features all the necessary details you will ever need to set up your room, as well as a video walk-through.


Go back in time to the “Roaring 20’s”, in the capital city of the Mafia with the sole purpose of infiltrating Al Capone’s gang. To succeed, you must LOOK, ACT and SPEAK like a true mobster. Accomplish your mission within the hour and you will make it out alive. Fail and you will face some pretty permanent consequences…

A unique escape room experience, a game that can be played either the classical way or with a surprising twist: interaction with a live performer.

Duration: 60 minutes
Difficulty: medium

Secret Society

A powerful and mysterious secret society captured and locked you in their chambers. You awake in an unfamiliar place, resembling an old, medieval castle and you are surrounded by strange objects and symbols. Looking for a way out, you stumble upon a letter addressed to you.
It seems you have no more than 60 minutes to summon the cult’s High Priest, pass his Initiation Trial and convince Him you are worthy to join His ranks.
Otherwise you’ll share the fate of so many others before you, who have vanished without a trace…

Duration: 60 minutes
Difficulty: medium-hard

Legend of The Headless Horseman

Haunted by evil spirits and terrorized by mysterious deaths, the small town of Sleepy Hollow is in desperate need of a hero.
You are a team of investigators sent to solve the mystery of several atrocious murders, but once you arrive in Sleepy Hollow you realize this is not the work of an ordinary man.
It is the 31st of Dec, 23:00, the end of the century. The local legend warns you about a curse that must be removed before the clock strikes midnight, otherwise you and your fellow mates will face another century of terror, trapped in Sleepy Hollow…


Duration: 60 minutes
Difficulty: medium