Our Policies

Please read this section carefully before deciding to purchase any of our products.

  • First and foremost, we are escape room owners and operators. This means that you are not purchasing some random list of puzzles that an amateur has thought of, but professional, tested, top quality designs. We know what works, we know how it works and we know how to make it look and function perfectly. We strive to keep our prices competitive and friendly, but aside from a custom design you are actually buying our team’s expertise and know-how.
  • We are offering game designs and 90% of our products value comes from the ideas and stories behind each script. Once you purchase a product, we will send all related materials after we have received the payment. It comes without saying that refunds are not possible.
  • Once you buy one of our products, you are free to use the design in one location. You cannot use the same design in other venues and you cannot sell it to any third parties.
  • We only sell a game design once in the same city or within a certain mile/ km. radius. So rest assured, there will be no duplicates in your area.
  • We provide 4 months after-sale free support so we can make sure you are assisted in every step of room building. However, after the 4 months expire, we may charge for our team’s time if it exceeds 5-6 hrs./week.