Secret Society

A powerful and mysterious secret society captured and locked you in their chambers. You awake in an unfamiliar place, resembling an old, medieval castle and you are surrounded by strange objects and symbols. Looking for a way out, you stumble upon a letter addressed to you.
It seems you have no more than 60 minutes to summon the cult’s High Priest, pass his Initiation Trial and convince Him you are worthy to join His ranks.
Otherwise you’ll share the fate of so many others before you, who have vanished without a trace…

Duration: 60 minutes
Difficulty: medium-hard
Age: 16+
Game type: Story based (all puzzles fully integrated in story), very immersive
      – 11 to 13 puzzles (11 for single room, 13 for multi-room)
      – thinking, dexterity-skill, technological

No. of rooms: concept available both as single room and as multi-room (up to 3 rooms in total)
Space requirements:
      – min. 20-25 square meters for single-room
      – min. 25-30 square meters for multi-room

Cost of concept: 1200 USD

The concept sale fee includes:

A detailed presentation of the concept:

– General description of the theme
– Intro story: the short story that must be told to all players before the game
– Mission of the game
– Room soundtrack guide: what we use and a list of other suggestions
– Room advertising guide: how to market the game on website and social media platforms
– Room decoration guide: list of all items you’ll be needing for the room (furniture, lighting, wallpapers, carpets, curtains, props etc.)
– Guide for post-game photos:  what props to include in order to make your client photos more appealing, how/where to take the photos, what text to include on social media platforms, how to frame photos etc.
– Concept graphics: phots for website, frames for clients pictures, photos used for advertising

A detailed presentation of the game:

– A PDF Walkthrough that incorporates all the puzzles
– A VIDEO Walkthrough that incorporates all the puzzles
– Building & Assembling Sketch: a guide on how to build/assemble each puzzle
– Room Sketch: where and how to place everything
– 3D room plan, adapted to your location (if accurate floor plans are provided)
– Game graphics: all photos and graphics used in the actual game
– Game videos: all videos used in the actual game
– Room reset sheet: a useful guide for the Game Master to reset the game in a quick and organised manner

If you are interested in this concept or you want more details, contact us at