Last Will And Testament

– A Murder Mystery Game –

A new type of murder mystery game that is 70% escape puzzles, 20% social interaction and conversational skill and 10% live theatre.
No more worries about players who just can’t get into character, no fear of information disclosed unproperly or at the wrong time, no more concern about heavy, intricate plots that confuse your audience.
And no need to hire professional actors. Unless you absolutely want to.

PLOT: You are cordially invited to the reading of Sir W.F. Eldridge’s last will and testament.

Late Mr. Eldridge passed away several days ago, after suffering a heart attack at his own anniversary party (which you have also attended), and now all his relatives, friends and acquaintances have gathered at his mansion. You arrive full of hope and anticipation, wondering what the old millionaire might have left you. But as the lawyer starts reading the will, strange details begin to surface and the situation takes a completely unexpected turn…

Duration: 2 hours
Difficulty: medium
Scalable game: min. 10 players, max. 30
Game type: escape room puzzles combined with investigative skills and a little bit of acting; very dynamic and engaging, full of suspense
Space Requirements:
– Can be played both indoors and outdoors
    – Venue can be open space, multiple rooms, a house, a bar etc.

Teams: no teams, individual game. Each player must provide a solution at the end of the game.
Operator requirements: game is easy to prepare and host, no special skills or training required.

Cost of concept: 1600 USD / 1500 EUR

Additional costs for materials and setup: very low (mandatory items do not exceed 3-400 USD; you can add decorations and extra elements if you wish.

We are currently selling the game concept and mechanics all throughout the world (except Romania, where we are the sole providers).

This includes:

– Story of the game
– Game mechanics
– Game graphics, list of background music suggestions
– Step by step guide on how to implement the game
– Purchasing guide – further elements required in your game
– 24/7 support for game implementation (via phone, skype, e-mail).

Once paid for, the concept is yours to use how many times you wish. However, you cannot sell it to any third parties.
The game requires two supervisors/ game-masters (you can hire actors if you wish but it is not mandatory).

If you are interested in this concept or you want more details, contact us at