Virus Threat

Mission Impossible, James Bond, CSI, Lie To Me. A game inspired by the most successful action movies and TV series, that will take you on a fascinating journey through the secret, dynamic and impossibly alluring world of secret spies.

A game that will challenge you mentally and physically, giving you access to the most captivating and intriguing tests that the world’s most famous spies had to deal with throughout history.

You and your team represent the National Spies Agency. Your sole purpose is to intercept and combat every single threat to the nation’s wellbeing and security, through whatever means and at any cost.

Today, the NSA director summons you to participate in an urgent briefing. It seems that the agency has intercepted a message from a well-known hacker group that threatens to release an online virus. This will affect all electronic devices, uncover secrets of your nation and probably release very sensitive information that may end up in the wrong hands.

You have 2 hours until the virus is completely uploaded and you must do everything in your power to stop this catastrophe!

Duration: min. 2 hours (10 minutes for briefing & team setup; 2 main parts of 45 min. each; a 10-15 min. coffee break).
Difficulty: medium
Scalable game: min. 10 players, max. 200
Game type: Set in modern times, very dynamic, engaging
Space requirements :
     – Can be played both indoors and outdoors
     – Venue must provide access to internet (wifi)
     – Venue can be open space or multiple rooms/ spaces
Teams: the competitors are split by departments: Dept. of Communication, Profiling, Undercover Operations, Decryptions and Procurement. Each department has its own challenges in the first part of the game. During the second part, they unite efforts to complete the mission.
Operator requirements: the game mechanics are developed so that “National Spies Agency” can be easily implemented by anyone, whether an experienced team building planner or a beginner.

Cost of concept: 2500 USD / 2260 EUR

We are currently selling the game concept and mechanics all throughout the world (except Romania, where we are the sole providers).

This includes:

– Story of the game
– Game mechanics
– Video walkthrough of the puzzles and challenges
– Game graphics, videos and music
– Step by step guide on how to implement the game
– Purchasing guide – further elements required in your game
– 24/7 support for game implementation (via phone, skype, e-mail).

Aside from the concept price, you will need to invest in some other elements such as locks, boxes, UV lanterns etc. You should consider an additional budget for this (budget will fluctuate depending on number of people you prepare the game for).

Once paid for, the concept is yours to use how many times you wish. However, you cannot sell it to any third parties (you can implement it as often as you wish for all your clients but cannot sell it to team building agencies or other competing firms).

Aside from the videos, the game does not involve technology (nothing that needs to be plugged in during the game) but makes use of cell phones and internet for some of the puzzles.

All other puzzles and challenges require items that you can basically carry and set up anywhere (ex.: the complete game package for 100 people can fit in 3 luggage trolleys of average size).

The game requires a supervisor (one person to be present throughout the entire game).

If you are interested in this concept or you want more details, contact us at